Participate in the Way that Works Best for You

UMW Academy is designed for all employees to engage as it best fits their interests and schedules. Participants will be able to move in and out of presentation breakout rooms on their own, and online spaces will be available for casual conversations and catching up. You decide how much of the day you would like to attend, and your participation can be as casual or formal as you like. 

Register to Attend 

Just interested in attending, listening, and sharing your thoughts in the moment? Sign up via the registration form. This will give you full access to all speakers, morning Showcase Presentations and afternoon panel discussions. We will forward additional information to get you ready for the day closer to May 13th.  Please note that registration is required so we can provide you with access to our online conference spaces. 

Present and Share 

Did you put a new idea or strategy into action to support student learning? Did you try something new this past year that you will be ‘taking with you’ as we move into a post-pandemic UMW? All faculty and staff are invited to share your experiences and let others see what you or your team did by applying for a short 10 to 15-minute Showcase Presentation slot.  

Please submit your proposal by Friday, April 23rd. 

Wondering what to present about? Our focus is on how we supported student learning, and could include topics like: 

  • Connecting with students and colleagues  
  • Promoting collaboration between and among students, staff, and faculty  
  • Streamlining and redesigning work processes  
  • Supporting content comprehension  
  • Promoting active learning  
  • Reimagining assessment for online learning  
  • Redesigning physical spaces and services for students 
  • Establishing a healthy work or learning environment 

Some things to know about Showcase Presentations: 

  • Presentations are informal and intended to show others the good work that emerged from our most unusual 20-21 academic year. 
  • Presentations should be only 10 – 15 minutes long to allow time for other presentations and Q&A. 
  • You can present individually or as a team. 
  • Showcase Presentations will be grouped with other similarly themed presentations.  
  • If you agree, Showcase Presentations will be recorded and uploaded to the UMW Academy website. 

To make a Showcase Presentation proposal, go to the registration form. Please submit your proposal by Friday, April 23rd.